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BenQ easyDU Preformed Tooth Positioner


easy DU 


easyDU Preformed Tooth Positioner (Non-Sterile)

BenQ have been dedicated to study of material science
for long time. BenQ easyDU Performed Tooth Positioner is made of a specifically developed polymer for orthodontics. Its superior and long lasting orthodontic force which takes both patient safety and comfortability into consideration










Clear aligner systems apply dental biomechanics to create gentle orthodontic forces used to move your teeth to the desired position. BenQ easyDU Preformed Tooth Positioner is easily to be thermoformed into aligner brace and keeps superior orthodontic force*1 under normal oral temperature. BenQ easyDU Performed Tooth Positioner has outstanding sustainability*2 to strike a balance between alignment effectiveness and wearing comfortability.




A Clear tooth aligner can be applied on patient about 20~22 hours up to 7~14 days.*3 Hence, biocompatibility and any possible precipitation of plasticizer are critical points to be verified.
easyDU Preformed Tooth Positioner has been approved of biocompatibility by third-party authority*4 and certified the product in compliance with the following:
ISO 10993-5: Cytotoxicity Test
ISO 10993-11: Acute Systemic toxicity in mice Test
ISO 10993-11: Pyrogen Test in Rabbit
ISO 10993-10: Skin Sensitization Test
ISO 10993-10: Oral Mucosa Irritation Test
easyDU Preformed Tooth Positioner has been confirmed without Phthalate Esters (PAEs)

*3 Wearing time will be varied in accordance with treatment plan made by orthodontist.
*4 The biocompatibility test was conducted by MASTER LABORATORY CO., LTD in Taiwan.






Thickness: 0.50/0.75/1.00 mm

Diameter: 125mm









BenQ Materials was established in 1998. It started as an optical storage manufacturer and has gradually changed its core business to material science field in recent years. Now, it’s known as the World’s No. 4 polarizer manufacturer.  In 2012,  BenQ Materials stepped into contact lens, brand “Miacare”, deliver a revolutionary technology that perfectly combines silicone molecules with hydrogel. Clear tooth aligners,  “easyDU”, announced in 2018, bring BenQ Materials into orthodontic field. Other product lines include Functional Films,  Advanced Battery Materials, Wound & Skin Cares, and Sterilization Packaging.