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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

BenQ AB DentCare Corporation (hereinafter the “BenQ AB DentCare”) cordially welcomes you to browse and use the information or messages on the website.

However, to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties, we advise you to read the Statement before browsing or using the website. If you disagree with the terms and conditions stated in the Statem ent, please do not browse, use, download or store any information or messages contained in the website. Once you browse, use, download or store the information or messages on the website , you have agreed to and accepted the terms and conditions of the Statement.


The copyrights of any images, sounds, words, information, data, lists, charts and photographs (hereinafter the “Information”) disclosed on the website belong to BenQ AB DentCare and its right holder and are protected by relevant laws and regulations of our country and/or international treaties.

Without the prior written authorization of BenQ AB DentCare, you shall not re-produce, publicly display, broadcast, play, transmit, exhibit, edit, revise and distribute any information of the website. For purposes of non-commercial or non-profit use, BenQ AB DentCare agrees that you may freely browse, use, copy and download the website information and store such into your personal computer. BenQ AB DentCare reserves all rights pertaining to the information published on the website.


Without the prior written authorization of BenQ AB DentCare, no one shall in any way use registered trademarks or patterns owned by BenQ AB DentCare.Information Acquisition and Legal Compliance BenQ AB DentCare has no intention to acquire any personal information or messages related to you through the website. Except for the items as stated in the Personal Information Protection Act, any information and/or messages you deliver to BenQ AB DentCare via the website shall be considered to be publishable information; BenQ AB DentCare may use, re-produce, transmit, edit and distribute such information and/or messages at will without any restrictions. BenQ AB DentCare shall assume no liabilities.

You shall not use the website to publish or post any comments that are illegal or threatening, libelous or insulting in nature. Nor shall you distribute messages, images or files that are indecent, obscene or against public order and standards of decency or shall face relevant legal consequences.

Third Party Websites

The website may contain links to other websites. However, all links from the website to third-party websites are for the convenience of browsers. BenQ AB DentCare provides no guarantee as to the accuracy and truthfulness of the content or information of the third-party websites. You shall assess and assume all risks for the usage of such third-party websites.


BenQ AB DentCare provides no warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information, content and products as well as product descriptions and non-infringement claims disclosed on the website. BenQ AB DentCare shall be indemnified against any loss caused by the use of the website, including but not limited to direct, indirect, special, penalty, consequential loss and loss on expected interests.

Revisions of Legal Statement

BenQ AB DentCare reserves the right to revise Legal Statement at any time. Revisions shall be effective upon the publication on the website.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Any disputes arising from the interpretation and application of the Statement and the usage of the website shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China (Taiwan). In case of litigation, Taoyuan District Court in Taiwan shall be the trial court of general jurisdiction.